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"It’s a fact that online learning is the future and will undoubtedly replace land-based learning in the future." Forbes 2020

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From Offline To Online

Posted By: skillsn
If any of my 4 children looked at the cover photo for this blog, they would be completely lost. They would know that is a picture of a phone. Check! Text Someone?  They would be completely lo...
May 26, 2021

The Teaching Revolution Is Real

Posted By: skillsn
If the caveman who invented the wheel, tried to introduce the wheel while playing a game of football, nobody would have listened for at least another 40 years. Here's what I mean. Nobody really ...
May 25, 2021

If You Love Teaching, Let It Go ... Virtual

Posted By: skillsn
If this is your kind of magic: then you're not too worried about programming and coding.  A simple iframe is no big deal to you. However, most skills development professionals choose not dea...
May 22, 2021

An Address Is Just An Address

Posted By: skillsn
We interviewed 100 skills development professionals and asked them ... WHAT'S THE #1 REASON YOU DON'T START YOUR OWN SKILLS DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS? The contestant on the left slaps his buzzer  and...
Feb 28, 2021

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Skillsn is AWESOME!!! Improved my athletes' skills. Saved my marriage. Improved my coaching. LOVE IT!!!!!!!
My son is glued to youtube. Skillsn actually got him off the couch. So many thumbs up. Thank you!
Skillsn has changed the way my club operates its business. Cannot recommend enough.