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If the caveman who invented the wheel, tried to introduce the wheel while playing a game of football, nobody would have listened for at least another 40 years.

Here's what I mean.

Nobody really knows when the football helmet was invented.  Here's what says:

Okay, so somewhere in the 1890's the the helmet was first warn in the NFL.  In fact, one athlete wore one because of "instant insanity" if he did not.  However, it wasn't until the mid 1940's that leather helmets were required by players by the NFL.  Simple math says it took 50 years sports professionals to realize that helmets were probably a good idea in football (the most violent game played on grass).

And so it is in most of the skills development world.  We are just slow to accept progress or innovation.  It's all about the tradition of the way we do things.

Well, you can't stop technology and innovation.   It invades and evolves everything.  Nothing can escape it.

Covid 19 showed the skills development industry how far behind we are in the use of technology and innovation.  The internet povides for innovations that just have not been explored or yet to be used correctly yet.

But, just because something wasn't there previously, doesn't mean it isn't there now.  Huh?

YouTube has really confused how to use Online Courses for skills development.  It's a vast sea of cluttered videos of kids or professionals showing off skills with the goals to get views or subscribes.  Mainly these videos are used for entertainment.  Not much focuses on actually how to do something.  What is designed to teach is not organized in a progressive, easy to find and follow manner.  You have to go searching through mindless gubley gunk to find the next video in the series, if there is one.

The other misconception is that you have to get millions of viewers before you can get paid.  Well, that's just silly but completely understandable.

Online courses provide you the opportunity to create the anti YouTube experience.  They allow you to create organized, easy to follow, progressive skills training environments that students can actually learn from at their own pace, anywhere in the world, online.  An almost perfect learning experience - better than a classroom.

They also allow an instructor, coach, organization to reach more students at once - just about limitless growth.  Online courses turn what was once a nontangible product into a tangible product.  Online courses can be sold as a product or a good.

Teachers and coaches can now become entrepreneurs - skills-preneurs.

These new skills-preneurs can get paid bigtime if their students stick with them, or even better, if these skills-preneurs can grow their following.

Look, it's probably unrealistic to imagine a soccer coach earning $1million per day off an online skills program.  However, it's probably a lot more realistic now with various strategies now than ever before (selling merch, courses, camps, team, etc).  Now, the skillsn-preneur has an entire brand to sell. will help you build your brand.

So, what happens if you have more than one online course or specialty?

The key to being a successful skillsn-preneur is finding the right audience.  You want to find customers that want to buy.  The internet is a huge market to tap into.

As a skills development professional you know skills adapt over time.  Each professional has their own style or their own signature to what makes their teachings superior to others.  Very few teachers alike.  So as a skillsn-preneur, it is your job to stay a top the innovation.  Adapt your teachings.  Update your programs.  The more courses you create, the more opportunites you create to generate income.

Online courses or skillis development programs have created an industry that never existed before.  It's never been considered.  Nobody knows where it will lead to.  How it will impact schools, teams, organization, instructors, coaches and so on?  What we do know is there has been a massive shift toward improving the learning environment for the individual.  It's easier for the instructor to adapt than the organization.

So what wasn't there in the past, is now there.  What we choose to do with that opportunity will impact an all new skills development world. will be the premier marketplace for the skills development industry.  We have created a solution that makes it cheaper for professionals to develope their own online skills development programs and host them here but share them on their very own website or anyother social media platform.

Join to build your own skillsn-preneur empire.


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