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If any of my 4 children looked at the cover photo for this blog, they would be completely lost.

They would know that is a picture of a phone.


Text Someone?  They would be completely lost.  There are no buttons on that phone.  How would they text someone?  Could they text someone?

And that's the point.

Whether or not the phone can actually text someone is irrelevant.  My children, like most people who are put in confusing situation would stand their in a puzzled state.  Not prepared for the next step for scientific experiment.  Which is of course, form a hypothesis and test it.

And so it is when creating your first Online Skills Development Program or Course.

Here are some keys to making a successful program:

1.  Be creative.  Move beyond the convenetional skills development models of the past (instruction-praction-feedback-repeat).  Mixing online courses and other virtual tools allows you the opportunity to mix practice and real world scenarios in the learning process.

2.  Keep Classes Short.  We live in a TikTok world.  Keep your classes to a minimal (9-10 minutes max).

3.  Don't Forget To Share The Knowledge.  Skills are very important but understanding the why behind the skill will more-often-than-not be what makes the student remember how to do the skill.  Just remember #2.  However, we can't forget the "why" is what got us to the "what"

What is the future of skills development?

Up to recent times, organizations have relied on skills development.  Of course, they've had the money and the resources to pay their employees to train their customers.  These skills development programs became part of the organizations brand.  The employees served the organization.

Now, with the creation of online courses, what was the workforce now has the opportunity to create their own product or brand.  We will see what happens in the next 2, 5, 10 years to the skills development industry.

Now though, online programs should be used as supplemental programs to face-to-face training sessions.

So what else do you need to go from offline to online?

Well, on you really only need  Our Directory will give you a "homepage" that you can use to manage your group or as a simple homepage.  Here you can create your online courses, host contests, photos, videos, just about anything Skillsn has to offer.  It's very simple to use and makes it very easy for your followers to find.

Okay, so you want your own website.  I completely understand.  Well, we've got a very simple solution for that as well.  Our Ai led Webdesign and Webhosting makes building a website simple and hosting your site affordable.  The skillsn features are easily shared (copy and pasted code) from to yours.  We'll show you how.

We've created a solution and provide other business solutions that we would/do use to create a new skills development business.  You want to spend your time living the good life, we want to give that to you.  We're in the business of helping you grow your business as efficiently and affordably as possibly.


Your online courses are a tangible products that can be sold for profit, as well as most of the features provides.

Online courses are replacing traditional face-to-face training because they deliver a product consumers are actively involved in buying - participate in from the comfort of their homes, without losing touch with the face of the teacher, tend to be cheaper, and classes are more efficient.  When students from around the world come together in an online program, they can communicate and share experiences in the same way they have previously done. By working together in this kind of classroom- or workshop-like environment, students learn a common language that can be used to communicate more effectively together in the future.

You will love them because you get to take a more personal approach, spend less money starting a business, make yourself accessible to students around the world.  Not only that, it provides you the opportunity to travel the world while you teach.  An opportunity that most instructors and teachers were not allowed previously. 

Your online skills development program is the backbone of your skillsn empire.  After you've created a program it is a matter of building your followers.  Yep, believe it or not your an expert, an influencer.  From here on out, it's a matter of growing your business through sales and other business strategies. and MrSkillsn provide countless services and classes to help you along your way.

We're in this thing together!

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