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We interviewed 100 skills development professionals and asked them ...


The contestant on the left slaps his buzzer  and screams, "MONEY!!!"

Show me "Money" the host yells.

"Bing" and the #2 box flips to show the word MONEY.

The second contestant now gets an opportunity to choose the #1 answer.  He steps back for a second, whipes his head and says, "how about a place to teach?"

"BING!" "BING!" "BING!" and the #1 box flips to show the most popular answer.

But wait a minute.  This is 2021.  Is this really answer accurate or just a myth?  

An address is just an address.  In fact, a web address is just as substantial as physical address.  Even when it comes to teaching new skills.


The advent of online courses has made it possibe to teach just about anything online.  Online learning is a fast growing industry right now. One of the reasons is that online courses cost less than their in-person equivalent and don't require the need for travel or other physical requirements. Some of this low cost comes from the fact that the technology used in online courses is simple, which lowers the financial pressure on instructors allowing instructors to open up shop easier.

There are numerous benefits for students as well as instructors for online skills development courses.  These are just a few:

For Students:

FORBES Online put it like this in an article titled The Rise Of Online Learning

"The instantaneous feedback loops inside the platforms which are provided by other online students or the platform improve the learning curve. This also offers shy or more reticent people the opportunity to participate in class discussions more easily than face-to-face class sessions. "

In other words, online classes allow students to ask more questions or be more adventurous with their learning new skills.  Especially the shy students.  Imagine a classroom with less eye balls watching your mistakes, waiting for you to mess up, less people judging you.  That's what an online skills development course provides, stylistic freedom.  A 1-on-1 environment between the student and the teacher.  The quasi perfect learning ratio every parent is looking for.

From the same Forbes article

"Another big advantage is also time. People can arrange their schedules according to their convenience and this enables them to scale themselves.

"The cost structure of online learning is another factor for the rapid growth of the market. Online courses prove a more affordable option than traditional ones ..."

Students don't have to travel to a physical location and can attend your class whenever and whereever they prefer.


Advantages for Instructors:

The potential income possibilities are endless.  This is the first time experts can reproduce themselves easily and extemely affordably.  2 properties for a successful business plan.

You'll be able to get your business started even before you have a website.  You don’t even have to have a budget. Get started on for only $24.99.  We guaruntee you'll earn a $1k in a month or we'll give you your first month's membership fee back.

No physical location = No drive and no other operating costs that go with a physical location.


Working with a web-based application is easier and faster than working with a physical location

You can work from wherever you are

You can set your own hours - your own schedule

There are numerous advantages of online courses over live.  In 10 years, every skills development program will have some sort supplemental online skills development program.

What about YouTube?

Well, places like YouTube and TikTok are a wonderful example of entertaining skills clutter.  Online courses allow skills development professionals to organize, progressive videos, pdfs, and other html to teach classes.

Your students don't need to meet with you at a physical location at a time of your choosing.  They can now attend any virtual class you offer at any time they wish.  Physical addresses are no longer needed.

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