by on May 22, 2021

If this is your kind of magic:

then you're not too worried about programming and coding.  A simple iframe is no big deal to you.

However, most skills development professionals choose not deal with programming or coding..  an iframe is some sort of picture frame made by apple.  These are the people I am speaking to right now.  These are the skills development professionals we built this feature for. was built to be the premier skills development marketplace.  Like Angie's list for coaches, instructors, teams, and other skils development organizations.  So, your gonna want to be found here.  By sharing bandwidth and other features, we can keep costs down for everyone.  When everyone is going to to find the highest reviewed skills professional, your gonna want to be found on

However, you also want to display and market your classes and other features on your website, that's why we've created easy copy paste (iframe) solutions to share on your websites.  Your feature that was created on will be displayed anywhere you share your code.  You can even create discounts with countdown timers.

So gives you the tools you need to enjoy the best of both worlds at extremely affordable costs.  Your success is our success too.

Why are we so convinced this is such a great idea? Well look who is already investing in the business model for their own business.

Peleton, Nike and various other home gyms are already offering their own online classes.  They've created their online skills development products and now ... just sell.

This is a foreign concept to the skills development business, having a product to sell.  That is exactly what an online skills development class is, a product.  An opportunity for skills development professionals to enter the ecommerce world.

In 10 years, over 95% of the skills development business will be done online.  Very little wil be done in person. 

So it's not about should you start your virtual skills development program but when will you start your virtual skills development program?

How much money are you going to lose  by not starting your program sooner rather than later?

These are the questions you need to answer now.

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